Subject Disconecting the shadow
Author Aldo Caruso

I had a database with its shadow in a secondary disk. Suddenly, the
secondary disk failed and became unavailable.

I tried to disconnect the shadow from the database using the gfix
-kill option in order to continue to use the database. It run at once
with no output error, but when I tried to connect to the database,
using isql-fb, I got connection errors that unfortunately I didn't
capture/remember in order to show you.

Then I decided to restore the database from a backup I had, but
previously made a manual copy of the database file.

Afterwards, in order to debug what happened, I tried to connect to
the copy of the database file and got the following error

Statement failed, SQLSTATE = HY000
a file in manual shadow 1 is unavailable

Now I tried again with the gfix -kill option, but this time it
seemed to work fine and finally I could connect to the database nomally.

My question is the following: Is there a condition in which the
gfix -kill doesn't work, but ends silently ?

Thanks in advance.