Subject Use the server and embedded server from the same app
Author vincentq888
I am considering to develop Delphi app that uses Firebird server, but some of the computations required local temporary database. There are different options for this, like old Paradox or Sqllite. But embedded Firebird can be another options. But I am confused by the requiremenes from installation readme.txt (of Embedded Firebird):

Just copy fbembed.dll, icudt30.dll, icuin30.dll and
icuuc30.dll into the directory with your application.
Then rename fbembed.dll to either fbclient.dll or
gds32.dll depending on your database connectivity software.
Then start your application and it will use the embedded
server as a client library and will be able to access
local datasases. You should also copy firebird.msg and
firebird.conf (if necessary) to the same directory."

As far as understand, I need to use original fbclient.dll or gds.dll (be it located in Windows system directory or side by side with exe) for conencting to the real Firebird server. But it contradicts with requirement to have fbembed.dll renamed to fbclient.dll and made available to exe file.

Can both - full and embedded Firebird used in the same app, or is this impossible?