Subject Deadlock on Commit
Author jwcane2003
Created a new database using deZign. The resulting script was run using IB_SQL, which reported "Script completed without exceptions".

Ran the script using my standard creation checklist, which can be viewed at

On committing there was an IBO hourglass icon for at least 30 s.

Repeated the "Commit" action; this generated Windows-7 progress wheel, followed by the IB_SQL message containing the words, "ISC deadlock".

Exploration of status details revealed inability to format a message. I will be rebooting and re-installing Firebird in order to address this error.

On attempting to disconnect and/or close IB_SQL I got the prompt, "Please complete your transaction".

In the meantime, if anyone can see any errors in the SQL script,I would appreciate knowing that. Script is available at