Subject Re: [firebird-support] Case statement in PSQL
Author André Knappstein
Holy muzzle!

How could I miss that there is a *paper* version of the book?????
I somehow kept some of Helen's statements in my mind about how
difficult it would be to organize chapters and all in such a way that
it'd make sense to do a paper version.

I could perfectly follow this argumentation, but still would have
liked to have a paper version for personal reasons.

I have the DVD from IBPhoenix, but never had a chance to open a single
page. I just need real paper from time to time to get a break from all
the too many hours I spend staring into an electronic display. I'm
probably getting too old for this e-book stuff.

Thanks a million,
I'll be off to buy 3 certain books right now....

> Using version 2.5.2
> Is the case statement available in PSQL - specifically stored procedure.
> Thanks in advance
> Cam

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