Subject Re: [firebird-support] Aliases and Windows 7
Author Norman Dunbar
On 30/05/13 20:53, Norman Dunbar wrote:

>> Norm, this isn't correct. Aliases.conf doesn't belong in a client-only install at all. The paths in aliases.conf are strictly file system paths that are local to the Firebird host machine. No hostnames in aliases.conf, ever!
> Thanks. I could have sworn I'd done it that way before, many times!
> Unfortunately I changed Linux distros a while back and haven't used it
> since. I sit corrected though. Apologies to Walter for misleading
> information. :-(

For my own benefit, I tested this again. I set up an alias in my local
laptop's conf file:

win_emp = vbWinxp:employee

I also added another with the server name and the full path to the
employee database.

Connecting to either failed miserably! So, my memory of doing this
before is wrong, totally.

I can, of course, connect if I put the database name as server:full_path
or server:remote_alias on the command line.

Thanks again Helen,


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