Subject The Firebird Book - Second Edition
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning all,

Helen's sig has this in it:

Helen Borrie, Support Consultant, IBPhoenix (Pacific)
Author of "The Firebird Book" and "The Firebird Book Second Edition"

So I clicked the link. A three volume set? On Firebird? That's a "must
have" and indeed will be the first paper based book I've bought in a
long time.

However, the buttons to buy (on Amazon) all point at If,
like me, you live in the UK, simply change the .com to, leaving
everything else the same, and you'll get to the proper UK pages.

I just bought all three for the bargain price of £60.50. Which,
coincidentally, is the same price if I'd bought all three separately! ;-)

The reason for this email is merely to advise all us UK-ites, that we
can but from, if we wish.

Helen might want to put an button on the we site, perhaps.


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