Subject Re: [firebird-support] Save decimal data type
Author Francisco José Scheffer
Gracias W O; pero el problema sigue...
Si envío en mi consulta el valor con punto, es decir: 25.80, firebird ingresa 2580,0000; ¿entiendes?
no se ya que configurar...
 gracias por tu ayuda
Francisco José Scheffer

De: W O <sistemas2000profesional@...>
Enviado: martes, 28 de mayo de 2013 16:21
Asunto: Re: [firebird-support] Save decimal data type

No puedes enviar valores numéricos con comas porque el Firebird entiende
que estás enviando dos valores distintos, la coma se usa para separar
valores. Y el punto se usa para separar la parte entera de la parte decimal
de un número.

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On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 10:26 AM, franchessko <scheffer74@...> wrote:

> **
> Hi, I'm a new firebird user. I joined here to ask for help.
> I develop in DotNet Technologies, and I have this problem:
> First OS info:
> --------------
> ->OS = Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
> ->System type = 64b.
> ->Original languaje = English. (But I've installed the spanish pack
> languaje)
> ->Regional settings are all set to Spanish-Argentina.
> Firebird Info:
> --------------
> Version =
> .Net Provider = Version 3.0.2 for .NET 4.5
> And the problem is:
> -------------------
> When I send a Query with a decimal data type like '25.80' -without quotes-
> the data is saved in firebird like this 2580,0000
> (the databse field was created as Decimal 18,4)
> I tried sending the same number, but with the comma '25,80' but firebird
> says: "Dynamic SQL Error. SQL Error code = -804. Count of read-write
> columns does not equal count of values"
> what do I have to set up? what to do?
> thanks a lot to all.
> Francisco Scheffer
> Argentina
> DotNet Developer.


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