Subject GDS_PREPARE Performance Problem on some Windows Machines
Author kp1780w7

I experiencing a performance problem on some windows machines that i tracked down to gds_prepare using Intel's vtune. On some machines a sample program runs in about 0.3 seconds but on other machines it takes 15 seconds whish is about 50 times slower. I can find any differneces between the machines. All machines are Windows7 Service pack 1 running FB

The sample code below replicates the problem on some machines. The sql that is being passed in to to create multiple database tables one at a time.

bool MyFunc ( char *Sql )
bool Retval = false;


isc_start_transaction(status, &m_htrans, 1, &m_hdb, 0, NULL);

if ( ! isc_dsql_execute_immediate(status, &m_hdb, &m_htrans, 0, Sql, 1, NULL) )
Retval = true;

isc_commit_transaction( status, &m_htrans );
m_htrans = NULL;

return Retval;