Subject Nbackup 2.5 with 2.1 database?
Author Kjell Rilbe

I have a large FB 2.1 database, ODS 11.1.

I previously had some problems with nbackup in 2.1 so I have now made a
side by side install of FB 2.5 and want to try out nbackup on this DB.

The DB file will be accessed only by the 2.5 server in classic mode, but
I would initially like to not upgrade to ODS 11.2 at this time.

So, will nbackup 2.5 work with a database file with ODS 11.1?

Are any of the nbackup bug fixes dependent on ODS 11.2?
In other words: will I suffer from more bugs using nbackup 2.5 on ODS
11.1 than I would with ODS 11.2?


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