Subject sizing cache
Author Nick Upson

I'm looking at increasing the cache size of my system to improve
performance but running into contradictory advice. (firebird 2.1.5 on
centos) says "... You should not set the cache
size to consume large part of your RAM...."

The new firebird book (p231) says " ...The first broad-brush optimization
you can try is to increase the default cache to a size that will occupy
approximately two-thirds of available free RAM. If there isn't enough RAM
installed, install more. ..."

This is a VM with 8GB RAM, 4vCPU, with maybe 10 connections, running

he book also (p231) says "use a monitoring tool to observe and record how
and writes are satisfied from the cache" I've looked at several tools and
one seem to show this data, any suggestions what tool(s) to use here?

Nick Upson, Telensa Ltd

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