Subject nbackup error 5
Author Jiri Cincura
Hi *,

I have a Firebird database, that was copied using "alter database
begin backup" > copy > "alter database end backup". Now I want to
"restore" it, but if I try "nbackup -F test.fdb" I get "Failure: Error
(5) opening database file: test.fdb". Which is completely utterly
useless. There's no documentation what "Error (5)" is nor the message
is helpful.

If I try gstat on that database everything is fine. No error. It reads
it, reports "force write, backup lock". If I connect via server it
reports missing ".delta" file, as expected. So the file *seems* to be

Any idea what that error means? And how to solve it?

Jiri {x2} Cincura ( founder) |