Subject Firebird 1.5.6 on Windows Server 2012 - unavailable database
Author douglasrrerere
Hi there,
New to firebird.
I'm attempting to install firebird 1.5.6 on windows server 2012.

The installation succeeds but I am unable to connect to the database file.

I have IBOconsole from an older version of firebird (1.5.2?) and it reports:

"An Server error has occurred while attaching.
Error - ISC ERROR CODE:335544375
unavailable database
Server Communication Test Failed!"

I've tried gsec.exe and it reports unavailable database as well.

I've tried the sample database that comes with the install, the same error persists.

The IBOconsole reports TCP/IP connection on port 3050 as a pass.

The system was working on Windows XP. I am thinking there might be ACL issues but I'm unsure.

Thanks for reading,