Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Refreshing MON@ATTACHMENTS: Limiting the number of users
Author Doug Chamberlin
You obtain the data from the MON$ATTACHMENTS table using a simple SELECT
query. Refreshing the query that reads the MON$ATTACHMENTS table is done by
comiting the transaction within which the query was issued and then
repeating the whole SELECT operation again.This will ensure you see the
latest info from the MON$ATTACHMENTS table.

However, it sounds like you want the server process to more quickly
conclude that other connections have been severed. That is another problem
altogether. If the server has not yet concluded that some attachment has
been severed, refreshing the query (as described above) will NOT force the
server to look again at the current attachments. It does that on its own

I believe I recently saw someone post the details on how to change your
configuration so that the server takes less time to detect severed
attachments. Look back in this thread to see if it was there.

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