Subject Refreshing MON@ATTACHMENTS: Limiting the number of users
Author homerjones1941
Limiting the number of users has been discussed before, but I still have a couple of unanswered questions.

We have a multi-user Delphi application with a Firebird 2.14 database. User access is controlled by the app, which connects using a single log in (not SYSDBA). The application limits the number of users (not connections) because the main app occasionally launches child apps which also connect.

The methodology is, the app queries MON$ATTACHMENTS and counts connections for the main app, ignoring the children. We use the MON$REMOTE_PROCESS field to distinguish between the main app and its children.

Another thread said abnormal disconnects could leave MON$ATTACHMENTS thinking a connection is still active for two or more hours. When a client reboots from a Windows freeze, they will recover quicker than that, and will expect to resume work. Obviously, we need a way to force MON$ATTACHMENTS to refresh. Is it possible for a Connect or Disconnect trigger to force such a refresh? If so, how? Or, is there a way to reliably make the app reconnect to an abnormally disconnected connection?