Subject RE: [firebird-support] Can't access MON$ tables
Author Michael D. Spence
Ah. FlameRobin shows ODS Version 11, not 11.1 so that explains that. The
thing is, I downloaded the latest versions of Firebird and FlameRobin last
night and created a new database. Before I did that I removed an older
version (2.1, IIRC). Would there have been stuff left behind that tells FB
what ODS version to use? There were a couple of the old databases still
registered to FlameRobin and of course the new version was aware of them.

Anyway, I unregistered the server and the databases, then reregistered the
server and created a database and now the ODS version is 11.2.

Thanks for the quick response!

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Can't access MON$ tables

At 07:11 a.m. 6/05/2013, mspencewasunavailable wrote:
>I just installed the latest 64-bit version of Firebird
(Firebird- The MON$ tables don't seem to be there:
>select * from mon$statements
>Engine Code : 335544569
>Engine Message :
>Dynamic SQL Error
>SQL error code = -204
>Table unknown
>At line 1, column 15
>I didn't see anything in firebird.conf or the release notes about having to
do anything extra. Anyone have a suggestion?

The MON$ tables are created in databases of ODS 11.1 or higher. Probably
you haven't upgraded your databases yet.

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