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MAYBE your sollution can be found in the firebird.conf file located at your
Firebird installation.

Look at the parameter "DummyPacketInterval"

It says:


# Seconds to wait on a silent client connection before the server sends

# dummy packets to request acknowledgment.


# DO NOT USE THIS OPTION. It may hang or crash Windows on the client side as

# explained here:

# or may not prevent eventual inactive client disconnection for other OS.


# Normally, Firebird uses SO_KEEPALIVE socket option to keep track of

# active connections. If you do not like default 2-hour keepalive timeout

# then adjust your server OS settings appropriately. On UNIX-like OS's,

# modify contents of /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_keepalive_*. On Windows,

# follow instrutions of this article:



# Type: integer

Take care! Unfortunately I don't know if it is the solution to you.

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Ok. Nobody wants to talk to me so I'll simplify.

How can I force a refresh of MON$ATTACHMENTS from a Delphi application?

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> Limiting the number of users has been discussed before, but I still have a
couple of unanswered questions.
> We have a multi-user Delphi application with a Firebird 2.14 database.
User access is controlled by the app, which connects using a single log in
(not SYSDBA). The application limits the number of users (not connections)
because the main app occasionally launches child apps which also connect.
> The methodology is, the app queries MON$ATTACHMENTS and counts connections
for the main app, ignoring the children. We use the MON$REMOTE_PROCESS field
to distinguish between the main app and its children.
> Another thread said abnormal disconnects could leave MON$ATTACHMENTS
thinking a connection is still active for two or more hours. When a client
reboots from a Windows freeze, they will recover quicker than that, and will
expect to resume work. Obviously, we need a way to force MON$ATTACHMENTS to
refresh. Is it possible for a Connect or Disconnect trigger to force such a
refresh? If so, how? Or, is there a way to reliably make the app reconnect
to an abnormally disconnected connection?

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