Subject Advice needed on speed between triggers and application inserts/updates
Author cornievs
I am a developer of accounting software and mostly learned my "trade" by trail and error and from this forum. (Thanks for all the info and tips I receive daily on this forum.)

Delphi XE2 + DBX + Firebird 2.5x
Firebird mostly running on dual core pentiums, Windows XP/7 Pro.
Workstations = Celerons +, running the application exclusively

To date I have used mostly "On Insert / On Update" triggers to insert or update tables that must be update when a certain record is posted. For example: On the sale of an item, I must post a record to the Salesperson Commission table, update the quantities on hand in the Stock Table etc. But due to the complexity of for example the commission structures I am thinking of moving it to the application.

The question is: How much slower/faster will 5 SQL statements issue from the application be compared to 1 SQL statement with 4 inserts/updates inside a trigger?

Or I am missing some bigger issue here?

Thanks for advice

Cornie van Schoor
InfoStar Software
South Africa