Subject Re: NBackup freezes OIT ?
Author remk_1
Hi Kjell,

> Are you sure you unlock (in nbackup terms) the restored database after
> restore? If not, perhaps that's why the OIT is frozen?
> Note: The Nbackup process is lock - copy - unlock. This means the copy
> you make is actually locked, so when you restore it, the result is a
> database in locked state. You have to unlock it after the restore to get
> back to normal.
> Kjell

what i'm trying to do is simple nbackup backup and restore:

nbackup -U sysdba -P masterkey -B 0 database.fdb database.nbk
nbackup -U sysdba -P masterkey -R databasecopy.fdb database.nbk

Now, the OIT in databasecopy.fdb is stuck.
I'm not doing filesystem copy, so AFAIK, locking and unlocking isn't necessary, probably even not possible.