Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: NBackup freezes OIT ?
Author Kjell Rilbe
remk_1 skriver:
> The original database has all transaction numbers moving forward
> (there are all about the same +- 2). But when I do a level 0 nbackup
> backup and then restore it, the OIT in the restored database gets
> frozen. So although transactions numbers stay the same, there must be
> some difference between the original and restored database. I found
> that it is caused solely by the nbackup restore (not by nbackup
> backup), because when I work with the original database from which I
> made the backup, the OIT still goes on freely.
> Probably this is just an unimportant side effect of nbackup use, I
> just wanted to be sure that it won't affect negatively database
> performance.

Are you sure you unlock (in nbackup terms) the restored database after
restore? If not, perhaps that's why the OIT is frozen?

Note: The Nbackup process is lock - copy - unlock. This means the copy
you make is actually locked, so when you restore it, the result is a
database in locked state. You have to unlock it after the restore to get
back to normal.


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