Subject FB 2.5 shutdown & restore question
Author Rick Debay
We have a database that we want to wipe and replace every week,
regardless of whether it is in use.
Are these the correct steps? I notice that 'gfix -online' throws an
error, probably because the database is online after gbak completes. Is
there a way for the restore to not become online during (I found you can
connect to the database in the middle of a restore, which breaks the
restore) or after gbak?

gfix -shut single -force 1 server:/opt/firebird/db/clone.fdb

rm -fv /opt/firebird/db/clone.fdb

gbak -v -use_all_space -r /mnt/usb/firebird/clone.fbk

gfix -online normal server:/opt/firebird/db/clone.fdb
Target shutdown mode is invalid for database