Subject Firebird server maximum number of simultaneous connections
Author frodrigues_fcprd

We are using a set of 20 databases that are accessed simultaneously by 20 (or more) applications (each one with multiple threads). These applications (written in c# and using the FirebirdSql.Data.FirebirdClient.dll) basically retrieve records from the database, perform a special processing (IO bound not CPU bound) and update the database with the results.

Originally we had a single database but decided to split it in order to separate the processing across multiple servers if necessary.

We are not concerned with the response time of the database but we would like to known if there is a limit for the number of connections that the firebird server can support. We would like to run as much applications and threads as possible in order to speed up the processing of the database records but we do not known how many connections the firebird server can support. The applications and the firebird server will be executed in the same computer.