Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak backup slow
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> Hello. my linux server run a firebird 1.5 version.
> daily I backup my BD. (name.gdb 3.76 Gb). few weeks ago, i noticed that the gbak process are getting slow and when it is running the aplication that conect the DB is slow.
> I restarting the firebird service, i work norlmally few days, and I begin notice that gbak one more its getting slow. normal day finished the backup around 50 minutes, and few after days finished it in 120 minutes, the another day 150 minutes and so on until restartin the service.
> I check the performace server, network, but I dont know what is the problem.
> I hope someone can help me.

What's the result when running the backup process through the services
manager and using the -g switch to suppress garbage collection in the
source database?

With regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer