Subject Re: RES: [firebird-support] Downgrade from 2.5 to 2.1
Author Anderson Farias
Hi Fabiano, thanks for jumping in.

As I stated before, I can't just install Classic Server, 'couse the database was upgraded to v2.5 (ODS 11.2) and v.2.5 Classic Server cannot be used with glibc 2.5. So, I need a way to downgrade the database back to ODS 11.1, so I can use Firebird 2.1 Classic.


Em Quinta-feira, 28 de Novembro de 2013 15:36, Fabiano - Desenvolvimento SCI <fabiano@...> escreveu:
Maybe you are confusing yourself:
“The problem now is that Super Server is not usi ng the full (SMP) processing power of the hardware, than slowing things down”
“So, we need to get back to Firebird 2.1 Classic but could not figure out how to do that (tried some options without success).”
So, you know you need install FB Classic, but you said that you is using FB Super Server.
So, install FB 2.1 Classic for SMP support.