Subject Downgrade from 2.5 to 2.1
Author Anderson Farias
Hi all,

I've put myself on a trap. A couple os weeks ago, without noticing I could not use Firebird 2.5 Classic on a Linux distro based on GLIBC 2.5, I have upgraded a production database/enviroment from Firebird 2.1 to 2.5. 

After the migration, we had already 2 database corruptions (before moving to 2.5, this database/system had run for 7 years first with Fb 1.5 and later 2.1 without a single problem), after what we finally discovered about the Glibc 2.5 problem. We can't for now change to a newer Linux distro with updated GLIBC, so we uninstalled Firebird 2.5 Classic and installed Super Server.

The problem now is that Super Server is not using the full (SMP) processing power of the hardware, than slowing things down.

So, we need to get back to Firebird 2.1 Classic but could not figure out how to do that (tried some options without success).

Anyone ?