Subject Object in use... wtf???
Author Kjell Rilbe
Sorry about the wtf, but this really really bugs me.

Scenario, in a single connection I do this:

1. Start transaction.
2. Create table.
3. Commit.
4. Start transaction.
5. Insert rows.
6. Select using join with other tables.
7. Commit.
8. Start transaction.
9. Drop table.
 ---> ERROR: Object is in use.

I KNOW the table has been accessed only using this connection and the transactions listed above. So why is it in use at step 9 and how can I avoid it?

I need this to temporarily store some data to select data for a report, and the required set of columns in the temp table varies, so I cannot use a GTT since it has persistent DDL. Is there any other way to achieve that, i.e. a local temporary table? For pref I would like to have it local to the insert/select transaction...

Waiting a while before step 8-9 (and subsequent commit) is not an option because this is done in application code that runs all the way while the user is waiting for the report to pop up - I do need to drop it right away. (Unless I would always just leave it there and instead drop it before step 1 next time I run this kind of report, but it would annoy me to have a useless temp table lying around.)

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