Subject Re: [firebird-support] wcdata.fdb file opened many times, hogging space !
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 22-11-2013 18:39, jbossert@... wrote:
> No i'm not deleting any file.

Either you deleted the file, or you restored a database over the
existing database without closing all connections to the database (or
shutting down Firebird).

> -we use the gfix script to stop the db every night, and make a backup.
> this is not releasing the hogged space (fb_inet process still running) !
> we use "gfix -user sysdba -password XXXX -shut full -force 0
> wcdata.fdb", then the DB is dow, we we try to connect to it.

I am not entirely sure what the actual problem is that you are trying to
solve. Firebird never releases space back to the filesystem without a
backup and restore. So if your only complaint is that the database is 25
GB, then you should investigate *why* it grows to 25 GB.

Now as to why fb_inet is still running: either you are confronted with
some kind of bug that hangs the server process, or there are actually
still connections to the database.

Which version of 2.5 are you running? 2.5.0, 2.5.1, 2.5.2, 2.5.2 Update
1, a 2.5.3 snapshot?

> -Then we decided to go with a service firebird2-5.... stop, this this is
> not releasing the hogged space (fb_inet process still running) !
> -the only option is to do a "pkill fb_inet", thus processes a killed,
> space is released.
> @MArk : by service api , do you mean using gfix to shut down the DB ?

No, the service API is the service API. I thought you wanted to drop the
database, but looking at your replies that isn't actually what you want
to do or are doing, so I don't actually know what your real problem is.

> I am amazed i'm the only one having this issue, i did an standard
> install, no fancy config !

I think a better problem description is in order.

Mark Rotteveel