Subject RE: wcdata.fdb file opened many times, hogging space !

Hi Mark,

Right now i'm looking in a way to reclaim the space right away without killing the process.

Is it helping if i change the FB flavor to "superclassic", assuming this fires only 1 instance of the db, so the file will be opened only 1 time ?!

Regarding the filesize, i'll also have a look.



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On 21-11-2013 00:58, Jerome Bossert wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running FB classic 2.5 on ubuntu server 12.04, and i have a disk space utilization issue :
> my wcdata.fdb is 25 G large.
> I think the file marked as (deleted) is still using space on the drive...
> if i do a kill pid, it release the space, but i want to understand the issue and fix it in a proper way.

Which issue: that the file is still open, or the fact it is so large? On
Linux you can delete a file when it is opened in shared access, however
the available space will not be reclaimed until all file handles have
been closed.

On size: look at your transaction handling (long running transactions on
a database with a lot of updates can accrue a lot of garbage and require
more disk space), blob usage etc.

Mark Rotteveel