Subject Confusion about perceived results when activating/deactivating "forced writes"
Author De Riemaecker Alexandre

Dear firebird experts,


I am confused about the way the “forced writes” option works on the x64 Firebird 2.5 Super-Server (installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 x64).

Despite not being recommended for Windows platforms, a huge portion of the databases I work with at my company have always been run with “forced writes” = off. This was only corrected recently after our chief executive has learned how much of a bad idea that is.


After changing “forced writes” = true, we perceived that the “modified time” of our database files doesn’t change, even weeks later, unless the last user disconnects from the database. We were told by IBExpert trainers that this behavior is as intented, as it doesn’t mean that the data isn’t written to disk, but solely that the file handle hasn’t been closed for that time.


The described problem with the “modified time” is what led our administrators to believe that “forced writes” = off is the correct setting.


What bothers me is that this kind of behavior cannot be reproduced with  other programs and files. I tried writing to a file with a self-wrote program without closing the handle, and the “modified time” changed. We don’t really know which statement is true, which is why I decided to ask for more detailed information in this mailing list. Is there any documentation explaining what happens here?


Sincerely yours,

Alexandre De Riemaecker



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