Subject Advice on storing large numbers of documents in a Firebird database
This is somewhat related to the "Restore Data" topic being discussed today.

I would like to use Firebird as an archive for a large number of documents (probably about 10,000) totaling around 100Gb. Each file would be stored as a BLOB.

The documents are a generally variety of Open/LibreOffice (SXW, ODT etc), Word (DOC, DOCX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), PDF and various image formats.

The reason for using Firebird is to associate a small amount of meta data with each file.

Generally the database would reside on a dedicated Linux server, but might also be copied to a Windows 8 desktop or laptop.

At the moment my concern is more about data integrity rather than security (the information isn't very sensitive and both the server and desktop are behind a reasonably strong firewall) but any thoughts on external access are also welcome (SSH tunneling?)

Thanks for comments!