Subject Altering procedure makes differences in calculation on nested procedures
Author Roland Turcan
Hello all,

I have two procedures:

ProcA and ProcB where ProcB calls ProcA. I have made the altering of
ProcA because of bugfix and I haven't touched the ProcB, because it
was OK.
When I was getting the results from ProcB, it still haven't returned
me as I wanted and then I've got the results from ProcA for test I
saw, that ProcA returns correct values and ProcB still return wrong
values based on old version of ProcA.

Therefore I think I have to call "alter procedure ProcB" as well to
get ProcB working with actual version of ProcA.

OK, this is a very simple example, but the relations are much wider
and deeper.

How can I force Firebird to rebuild all procedures without

Do you have any trick how to easily rebuild them?

Best regards, TRoland