Subject RE: Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.5 and trusted authentication issue

Thank you Helen,

Enclosed with quotas work fine.

Regarding role names -> I can not change them.. I mean I must not. 

As you know the firebird 2.5 does not support domain groups in trusted  auth. I have a lot of users grouped in different domain groups! My role names equals domain name groups and i match users and roles  by some Delphi code. So finally in that way i can give rights to domain groups ;)

That's why it is more complicated and long time cost to give a task to administrators to change group names ....

Thank you for support     

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>I need to use firebird 2.5 and windows trusted authentication.
>I works perfect if my role is one word but if it is more then one it is not working!
>For example:
>I have a domain groups SUPER_USER and GOOD USER. I have the same roles in my database. I am member of both of them as windows domain user.
>When I connect to database with role: "SUPER_USER" (without user and pass) using trusted auth. it works perfect. BUT If I connect with role GOOD USER using trusted auth. firebird logs me in database with public account.
>I can not fidn anything in internet!
>DO firebird 2.5 has problem wirh two or more separated words as role?
>Please help.

Simply put, a role name is an SQL identifier, so it must comply with Firebird's rules for identifiers. If you *really* must have a space in a role name, you'll have to enclose it in double quotes when you define it (that will also make it case-sensitive) AND always include the double quotes when you use it in your applications.

But instead of making a rod for your back (my opinion of quoted identifiers!), why not use the underscore as your separator?

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