Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Target shutdown mode is invalid for database
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:39 a.m. 24/01/2013, patrick_marten wrote:

>The log contains the error message in the title (sorry, forgott to mention it in the message too). So "Target shutdown mode is invalid for database"
>I did some more research. When the state is "force write" (according to gstat), then starting up the database will fail because of the hierarchy, right?
>The articel says "This hierarchy is important, you cannot shutdown a database to a higher or equal level that it currently is, nor can you startup a database to a lower or equal level."
>It looks as if the database get's restarted somewhere else already, when I try to restart it, so that the level is "force write" again, which equals to "normal" (I think), i.e. it fails, correct?

Force write is a different attribute altogether, unrelated to whether the database is online or not. "online" gives all authenticated users full access. "Full" is an off-line state that locks out ALL users, including sysdba, owner, etc. As a database can't be both online and off-line at the same time, the arguments are invalid.

>If yes, then I will have to sort the code of my colleague, I guess and see, where it gets restarted inbetween...

You're not allowing your application users to log in as sysdba, are you? "Single" is the only off-line state that gives exclusive access to a single instance of sysdba, owner or equivalent.