Subject Target shutdown mode is invalid for database
Author patrick_marten

since a few days I've noticed a problem in my application, when doing some database updates.

What I'm doing:
1. Shutdown database with
"D:\My Application\gfix.exe" -shut full -force 0 -user SYSDBA -pas masterkey "C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyDatabase.FDB"

2. Doing some updates

3. Back & Restore of the database

4. Restart database with
"D:\My Application\gfix.exe" -online -user SYSDBA -pas masterkey "C:\Users\Public\Documents\MyDatabase.FDB"

This has worked all the time (like 2 years), but suddenly it doesn't anymore - can't say that I've changed something...

One version of my application ships with FB 2.1.4, the new one with FB 2.5.2. For the first one it seems to be enough to introduce some delay between the processes, for the second one it doesn't work.

The article says that using "full" is not an acceptable option for starting up a database, so I've also tried to shutdown the database using "single" instead, but it didn't change anything.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Best regards,