Subject Compiling UDF in Linux (CENTOS 6)
Author Alex Castillo
Hello everyone,

I've created an UDF using Codeblocks against FB CS 2.1.5 and everything is ok on Windows 7. Now I'm trying to copile the same code on Linux Centos 6 without success.

Actually, the gcc compiler didn't send any error but when I call the function FB chashes and shuts down the service.

Here are the commmands I'm using to create the UDF:

#gcc -c -O -fpic -I /opt/firebird/include -L"/opt/firebird/lib/" PhoenixUDF.c

#ld -G PhoenixUDF.o -lm -lc -L"/opt/firebird/lib/" -L"/opt/firebird/lib/" -o

I'm using ib_util_malloc to alloc memory for char arrays, that's why I need to link to the Fb libraries.

Do you have any ideas in order to solve my problem?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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