Subject Interbase/Firebird interaction?
Author lcampbell
We have the following report from a user, who owns a copy of our
AuctionTracker software:

Background: AT uses IBObjects 4.8.7, and is built running against
Firebird V2.2.1.17910. The normal installation requires a Firbird
installation on the workstation. Our development environment is Delphi7.

This user had an old DB app. that runs against Interbase; with an IB6.5
installation on his workstation. He installed AT on the workstation
WITHOUT a Firebird Server installation. Apparently, AT starts, runs,
finds its data and executes several processes with no problems in this
environment. We're using the IBObjects TIBODatabase to connect, passing
it the location of the .FDB database files, and calling its Connect
method. Apparently, the underlying IBO code doesn't "care" if it's
running against an IB server or an FB Server. We are working to verify this.

This raises a couple of questions:
1) Are there any adverse conflicts between IB6.5 and Firebird in a
situation like this ... i.e., would running AT against an IB6.5 engine
ultimately damage the data?

2) Is there some way we can determine at startup time whether there is a
Firbird engine running or an IB engine? We might want to ensure that AT
is running in an environment served by Firebird only.

Anybody feel free to jump in with info/advice....

Lane Campbell
NW Software