Subject Re: [firebird-support] Isql "copy" command - anyone know how it works?
Author Norman Dunbar
Morning Mark,

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>> * unixODBC - isql *
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> Are you sure you are using the right ISQL? It looks like you are using the
> one from unixODBC instead of the Firebird one.

Well, yes, I am using the right one, on my Linux Mint setup, it's called
isql-fb. But here's another test, to be absolutely sure:

SQL> show database;
Database: employee
ODS = 11.2
Default Character set: NONE

SQL> show table test;
A INTEGER Nullable

SQL> copy test my_test;

* unixODBC - isql *

I'm wondering if somehow the copy command shells out to start another
isql session and it is that which is attempting to run the isql for
mysql rather than isql-fb.

Quick test, rename /usr/lib/isql to isql-my, then try again:

SQL> copy test my_test;
sh: 1: isql: not found
Errors occurred (possibly duplicate domains) in creating MY_TEST in employee


My gut feeling was right, it is shelling out. This is a nuisance then,
as it means that people on systems where the isql app has been renamed,
cannot use the copy command. Hmmmm.


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