Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is it possible to do this with FK Constraints?
Author Michael Ludwig
Chuck Belanger schrieb am 08.12.2012 um 13:09 (-0800):
> During a DB update that I apply to my users' desktop application,
> I need to Drop all FK constraints then add them back when all the
> updates of the various tables are complete.
> I have been issuing explicit DSQL statements to do this, but would
> like to go through the RDB$ tables and create the DROP statements
> semi-automatically.
> So, when I DROP a constraint does its presence in the system tables
> cease to exist? If so, I was thinking of storing the FK constraints
> into a table before DROPping them then use that table to ADD the
> constraints back.

Sounds like three hacks in a row to me, but maybe there's no way around
what you're proposing to do here. I don't have a good answer, but see
here (if still interested):

How can I temporarily disable all constraints in a Table in Firebird 2.1?