Subject Do I need to recompile a stored procedure?
Author un_spoken
Hi. Firebird 2.5.1 here.

Lets assume that I have two stored procedures, PROC_A, PROC_B.
PROC_A is using internally a PROC_B. After some time I've changed a body of PROC_B but not the input or output. I've recompiled PROC_B.
Do I need to also recompile a PROC_A?

Many times I've observed a behaviour that if I not also recompile a PROC_A then it will be giving me wrong results (as it would still use the old code of PROC_B). However, I haven't close all connections to the database and maybe this is the reason?

I also want to ask if there is a simple way of recompiling a procedure? Something like for example:


Because so far I only know the way which needs from me to use ALTER PROCEDURE statement and I need to put the whole body of procedure again. That is very tedious in a case when I must recompile of PROC_A because something in body of PROC_B has changed.

Thank you for your time.