Subject Firebird trace config problem
Author karolbieniaszewski

i try to use new trace facilities but without success

only what i got is trace init and nothing more in log file
2013-01-10T08:57:52.9230 (3628:000000000090DA30) TRACE_INIT
SESSION_1 Firebird Audit

Karol Bieniaszewski

my config look like this

<database %[\\/](TRACKER).BUG>
# Do we trace database events or not
enabled true

# Operations log file name. For use by system audit trace only
log_filename "C:\\Program Files\\Firebird\\Firebird_2_5\\trace_tracker_log.log"

# Maximum size of log file (megabytes). Used by system audit trace for
# log's rotation : when current log file reached this limit it is renamed
# using current date and time and new log file is created. Value of zero
# means that the log file size is unlimited and rotation will never happen.
max_log_size 0

# SQL query filters.
# Only SQL statements falling under given regular expression are reported
# in the log.

# SQL statements falling under given regular expression are NOT reported
# in the log.

# Put attach/detach log records
log_connections true

# Trace only given connection id. If zero - trace all connections
connection_id 0

# Put transaction start/end records
log_transactions true

# Put sql statement prepare records
log_statement_prepare true

# Put sql statement free records
log_statement_free true

# Put sql statement execution start records
log_statement_start true

# Put sql statement execution finish\fetch to eof records
log_statement_finish true

# Put record when stored procedure is start execution
log_procedure_start true

# Put record when stored procedure is finish execution
log_procedure_finish true

# Put trigger execute records
log_trigger_start true

# Put trigger execute records
log_trigger_finish true

# Put context variable change records (RDB$SET_CONTEXT)
log_context true

# Print access path (plan) with sql statement
print_plan true

# Print detailed performance info when applicable
print_perf true

# Put blr requests compile/execute records
log_blr_requests true

# Print blr requests or not
print_blr true

# Put dyn requests execute records
log_dyn_requests true

# Print dyn requests or not
print_dyn true

# Put xxx_finish record only if its timing exceeds this number of milliseconds
time_threshold 0

# Maximum length of SQL string logged
# Beware when adjusting max_xxx parameters! Maximum length of log record
# for one event should never exceed 64K.
max_sql_length 30000

# Maximum length of blr request logged
max_blr_length 30000

# Maximum length of dyn request logged
max_dyn_length 30000

# Maximum length of individual string argument we log
max_arg_length 800

# Maximum number of query arguments to put in log
max_arg_count 80