Subject database over internet
Author Sergio
Hello! I use Delphi XE2, Firebird and ClientDatasets. So far, all my
applications run over a local network. Know I have a customer with two
selling points (in diferent cityes) and I need to share the data between

Nowdays, this is a very used scenario, but unfortunatelly I never came
across whith such a task before.

May I ask for some advise from people who is already doing it?

I was told that most of the people (don't know if it's true!) uses
Microsoft's Remote Desktop, so what "travels" is just the screen. This
way is pretty fast, but I need to use the local serial port, and somehow
it takes about 40 seconds between I send something to print to a serial
printer and it gets printed.

So I wonder if there's another way...

I've made some very simple tests, conecting to the database like


It works, but it's slow...

Thanks for any advice!!