Subject Re: [firebird-support] Keep alive connection (Delpih, IBX)
Author Michael Ludwig
Leyne, Sean schrieb am 29.08.2012 um 13:12 (-0400):

> > … one connection is tied to one socket, whereas each
> > connection *may in theory* host multiple transactions.
> There is no "in theory" it is a fact.
> We have a Delphi application which has multiple transactions via a
> single connection.

Okay, great! :) Unlike you, I don't speak from experience - I was
referring to Ann Harrison's comment in the mail I linked to:

What this history means is that the engine is inherently
capable of handling concurrent transactions in a connection
but *there is no way to use them* [my emphasis, ML] and the
interface layers that surround the engine don't support the
capability. The requirement for multiple transactions per
connection came when a connection was very heavy-weight
relative to a transaction. I'm not convinced that's the
case now.

As Ann is notoriously infallible about Firebird, it must have been
poor exegesis on my part. :)