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Sir Tysvaer, 
To the users, this bring no problems, because the user receives all the data they need - only the structure, at design time, is not visible. I´m resending the attached document, wich will not blocked to your personal inbox. The problem is at development, when we need to see exactly wich columns we can use at some situations.
I don´t see any DDL I can use against this table, about this question.
Our Firebird is 2.1 version. Yes, we use UDF´s. The Firebird server runs Windows 2003 Server. We use Nod 32, but all files of the Firebird service are not scanned (they are as exclusion of the scan).
As you will receive the document, I think this will explain clearly enough.
Roberto Camargo.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 9:33 AM
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Not visible columns

>I already had this problem and this happened to me once again.

>I have a table whose columns are showed as not existing, at designers (as at EMS SQL Studio or ErWin)
>and also at the DDL comands for the table. But if you execute a SELECT command on it, it list all
>existing columns, and their data.

What do the users typically do when this happens? Do you do any DDL against tables that are in use? Tell us a lot more about your situation, e.g. exact Firebird version (errors are more likely to happen on Fb 0.9.4 than Fb 2.1.5), whether you use UDFs or not (they're a common source of problems), operating system, is it used for anything besides Firebird, any particular type of antivirus etc.

The more specific you are in your problem description, the more likely you are to get good answers.




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