Subject Known issues between FB2.5 and Windows XP Firewall?
Author Josef KokeŇ°

Are there some known issues between Firebird 2.5 (SuperServer, default
install) and Windows Firewall (from WinXP)? Today is the second time I
encountered some serious slowdowns while the XP's firewall was running
which went away when I disabled the firewall - a simple query, which on
another computer (or the same computer, but with a different version of
Firebird) would take 0.1 seconds, would run for 15 to 18 seconds with
the firewall enabled, *but only in some applications* (e.g., if I
executed the same query from IBOConsole, it would run in the expected
time). I am particularly baffled by two things:

1) That the communication doesn't get blocked completely but instead
just slowed down by two or three orders of magnitude.

2) That this slowdown would appear in some client applications but not
in others, despite the fact that all of them connect through TCP/IP.

If it happened once, I would brush it off as a random craziness of
Windows, but the second time has me worried. Especially since the second
case appeared suddenly, without any obvious reason and after running for
quite some time without any issues. Any ideas?