Subject Re: [firebird-support] Generators, what could cause resetting generator values to some earlier version
Author Tomasz Tyrakowski
On 2012-08-07 16:06, Sofija Blazevski wrote:
> Problem is that generator values are changed (from nowhere) to some
> earlier version say about 15 days ago, on the other side all of the data
> is current.

From my own (sad ;-) ) experience I'd advise to blame Firebird last,
and first look through the code and make sure there are no statements
executing gen_id(generator, increment) with a _negative_ increment.

> Do you have any idea what could have caused an issue like this?
> Could this be due to some windows issue? Same server had security.fdb
> corrupted about a month ago.

The values of generators are stored per database, so corrupted security
DB shouldn't do any harm to them.


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