Subject Re: [firebird-support] 2 BDs compair
Author Milan Babuskov
mahdoom_a wrote:
> I have 2 Batabase files with same stucture and almost same data.
> one of them was offline and other is still online,, some mistake happend
> now the online is not completed has all the data some of the missing data is in the other Database file.
> I want the changes only in one table not all database tables,, how can I do automaticly not manually, because the recoreds number is about 3000 records.

You can do it with FBCopy. First run with D parameter to generate list
of tables. Save that list to a text file and then edit it - remove all
the tables you don't want to compare, leave only those you want.

Next run it with X parameter and supply the text file as input.

More details in FBCopy manual:


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