Subject UN and PW not defined ... error message on Windows 7 (not XP)
Author venussoftop
Hi all

I have an app that uses FireBird is being used regularly on Windows XP pretty nicely.

Now when I install the same app on Windows 7 I am still able to enter data as I normally would using connect string

The problem arises when I try to print the reports via Report Manager (from sourceforge) ActiveX using connect string then it does not work.

If I use the same report via ODBC then it works in the Report Manager designer then it works.

The error I get is:
[odbc Firebird Driver] your User Name And Password Are Not Defined. Ask Your Database Administrator To Set Up A Firebird Login.

I have even tried to create a user using FlameRobin of the Windows user name but of course the Space in the Win User Name is not possible for the user name in FireBird.

This all in all is not an issue in Win XP so what might happen differently in Windows 7

Please advise

Thanks and regards