Subject Calling isql.exe from a windows batch
Author zsmeier
I have a problem calling isql.exe from a windows batch file, which is
called from a running service.

I wrote a simple java program, which calls a windows batch script with a
System.exec("c:\Temp\hook.cmd foo").

The batch script first writes a select statement into a file using the
echo select if from users where name = 'foo' >> c:\Temp\statement.sql
...and second calls the isql.exe command with the file as input
parameter and an output parameter to write the result
<PATH_TO_FIREBIRD_BIN>\isql.exe -user sysdba -password masterkey
<PATH_TO_DB>\database.fdb -i c:\temp\statement.sql -o c:\temp\result.txt
I run this Java program from a console, it works just perfect, I have
the results in the result.txt. Great!
Installing the Java program as a windows service, the result.txt remains
empty. The hook.cmd is called, the statement.sql is generated, but
then... there are no results in the result.txt.

Has anybody an idea? Had anybody a problem like this?
Has this something to do with "current user" if the application runs as
a Service (Which is SYSTEM)? There is not possible to connect with isql
if the user is not the current windows user?

Any help or clue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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