Subject Modified procedure works like before
Author mariuszstefaniak
Hi guys...

I've strange problem. Sometimes (sometimes, because problem is quite irregular), after I altered procedure, firebird still runs unchanged (previous) version of my procedure. Procedure fired directly (by execute procedure) works like I want, but procedure triggered (by a trigger) works like before changing.
I thought, that this is a problem of session and cache, but after I tried (unsuccessfully) close any connection to firebird, restart firebird services and restart my computer I know, that the problem is elsewhere.
The only that helps, is recreating of trigger that triggers my procedure. After this operation, everything works as it should.

My environment is:
Win Xp pro x86 Sp3, FB Also I work with IB Expert Personal 2012.5.19.1 and Devart VCL components for Interbase - version 4.1.4.

Does anyone observed these behaviour? Anyone know what should I do?