Subject Complex SQL update script fails on Firebird/Flame Robbin
Author Dusty
Hi All
I've recently attempted to move an application onto Firebird. So far it works perfectly except that an arbatry sql script is executed when the software is installed to update path and such. This fails on Firebird.
An example of what is trying to be executed is:

UPDATE ((AttrValue LEFT JOIN Node ON AttrValue.Node =
LEFT JOIN Attribute ON AttrValue.Attribute =
LEFT JOIN NodeType ON Node.NodeType =
SET AttrValue.attrValue = 'C:\Program Files\DIR\Application\Archi'
WHERE (((NodeType.description)='SystemSettings')
AND ((Node.description)='GlobalPath')
AND ((Attribute.description)='SettingValue'));

Which fails with:

SQL Message : -104
Invalid token

Engine Code : 335544569
Engine Message :
Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -104
Token unknown - line 1, column 8

I've removed, changed, moved around the ()/{}/[]/ etc but still get Token unknown. If I remove the () or replace with {} I get Token unknown LEFT or JOIN or whatever it finds first...
What should the sql statement look like in order for it to work?