Subject service_mgr is not defined - calling from PHP
Author grip_2ls
I am trying to write a PHP script to create a new Firebird user but when
I run the code I get the following:
Service DB - Could not connect: Cannot attach to services manager
service var/lib/firebird/2.5/data/grip.fdb:service_mgr is not defined
I am running Firebird 2.5 on Ubuntu.
This is the PHP code:
// connect to the service database if (($service =
ibase_service_attach($host, $username, $password)) == FALSE) {
$smarty->assign('msg', 'Service DB - Could not connect: ' .
ibase_errmsg()); $smarty->display('feedback.tpl'); break; }
Can I do this on Firebird and if so how?

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